Cider Braised Pulled Pork

Now this is the perfect fall feast if there ever was one! So simple to make and perfect for a lazy Sunday at home. Just a few steps and ingredients and it's in the oven or slow cooker. I tested this recipe out both ways, Dutch Oven and crock pot, and it came out beautiful both times! I used a hard cider for the braising process but use whatever liquid you may have on hand. White wine, stock, or even water mixed in with some juice will deliver gorgeous flavor.

Time: 5 hours

Serves: 6


  • 3-4 lb pork shoulder-bone in or boneless

  • 1 onion-peeled and diced

  • 1 apple-cut and quartered

  • 1/4 cup of Dijon mustard

  • 1 12oz bottle of hard cider

  • Fresh rosemary

  • About a cup of flour for dredging and thickening

  • Cooking oil ( I used olive)

  • Salt and Pepper

You'll Need:

A large Dutch Oven or Slow Cooker


  1. Preheat oven to 350.

  2. Thoroughly pat pork dry with paper towels, liberally season with salt and pepper on all sides, and dredge with flour.

  3. Place Dutch Oven on stove top over high heat. Once pan is well heated add a glug of cooking oil. Keeping stove on high sear pork on all sides. Remove from pan and set aside.

  4. Add apples, onions, and mustard to pan. Keep heat on high and add a bit of the cider to deglaze the pan.

  5. Place the pork back in and pour in the rest of the cider. The liquid should come up about half way on the meat, you may need to add some water.

  6. Add a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary, cover with lid and place in oven.

  7. Leave to bake for 3-4 hours. Pork is done when it pulls apart easily with a fork and a meat thermometer inserted in the center reads 195 degrees.

  8. When the meat is done remove from pan and place to rest on a cutting board.

  9. Place the braising liquid back on the stove top and bring to a simmer.

  10. Ladle some of the liquid out into a bowl with about a half a cup of flour. Whisk briskly with a fork until smooth. Pour back into pan with the rest of the liquid and stir to incorporate-the liquid should now be a gravy like consistency.

  11. Pull the pork apart with using two forks and remove any access fat.

  12. Mix the pulled pork back into the sauce and serve.

For the Slow Cooker:

Follow steps 2-3 using a skillet or frying pan to sear the pork shoulder before placing it in the slow cooker. Add in the apples, onions, mustard, cider, and rosemary. Cover with lid and cook on low for 4-5 hours.

When pork is done follow steps 8-12. Note: use a separate pan to make the sauce in, most slow cooker pans are not stove top safe.

Serving suggestion: I served this up with creamy polenta and brussels sprouts.

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