I'll start from the beginning. The youngest of seven, I grew up on a dairy farm in Darlington, Maryland, and I've been helping my mother cook ever since I can remember. My mother Barbara, although not classically trained in the culinary arts, was known as the chef among our circle of friends and family. She was sought after to cater small events: parties, weddings, church suppers, etc. She even baked and decorated many a wedding cakes from scratch in our own farmhouse kitchen(no Betty Crocker mix allowed!). Between raising and homeschooling seven kids and balancing the books for my dad's arborist business, there was no time for my mom to pursue a professional culinary career. But I consider myself fortunate to have grown up experiencing delicious food in the comfort of my own home and developing a knowledge of quality ingredients, from produce to poultry. I owe all of this to my mother, and this blog is a tribute to her. Here, I'll share what I know, what I am learning, so you can enjoy "cooking in." I hope to inspire you to get busy in your own kitchen and realize that you don't have to eat out to enjoy a good meal! Whether you are cooking for yourself, your other half, or a whole party of friends, there's so much joy in cooking at home. I bet some of the most enjoyable and intimate experiences you've ever had center around food at home. The scent of your favorite dish or yummy baked good?  Your grandma's kitchen? The appetizer you shared on your first date with your now- spouse. Food- and how we share it- creates memories that bind us together. Making a meal for someone, says I love you, I care. So whether you can hardly boil an egg or have an arsenal of culinary experience under your belt, I hope you'll  join me here. Welcome to The Eating In Project! 

              From my kitchen to yours, 


Me and my sister Molly when we were kids standing on stools to make but mostly eat the cookie dough 

Mom showing off the bird at Thanksgiving

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